Consultations, couching, therapies

Do you have fears, worries, doubts you can't handle?
Do you need to move in the right direction in your life?
Do you want change but don't know what to do?
Do you want to do something different than you have been doing, but lack the process to do it right?

There are many topics that life brings us where we are floundering or just looking for what to do about them. My way is to guide you and move you to the full value of your being. Our sessions can be a one-off or longer term where we will meet at regular intervals and move step by step towards your goal.

Consultations are always in the form of a conversation. We then look deeper and into the heart of the matter to grasp the right set up to serve in life.

I work through insights into the causes, which is also called regression therapy. We rewrite the causes in quiet guided meditation which always fixes what is needed.

The person feels the release and rectification of the problem that the thing was causing. It may but is not always a condition that the things that were related to it are subsequently washed away. It is a cleansing process that completes the unprocessed emotions and releases them from the unconscious.

The end state is aligned with our soul and the creation we have chosen in this lifetime.

Seminars, trainings, courses, debates

Responsibility, creativity, healthy self-confidence and self-worth.
Practical meditation in everyday life.
Understanding and managing emotions from fear to stress to calm and balance.
A practical grasp of the meaning of energy in everyday life.
The mind its purpose and possibilities.
How to get your life right.
Relationship seminars.

A very wise man once said. Teach people to catch fish so they can feed themselves. I’ve been learning for years and dare I say, lifetimes. Anything I come across and find on my journey I share and pass on to all. This system of enhancing and pushing forward the principles of life is so ordinary that I sometimes find myself pausing at its simplicity.

I am keenly aware that each one of us understands life only from the level we are currently in. He may remain in it all his life or he may learn and develop his gifts and skills.

My seminars, trainings, courses and talks always go to the heart of the subject. I share my own experiences that I have gone through so that you know that what I am saying is not just from books I have read and videos I have watched. I experience everything consistently to know what it does and where it takes a person.

I also create training for companies that can enrich their employees with increased efficiency. Practical stress relief and improved work environment within the company and among employees.

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