About me

I have a long-standing commitment to guiding people to their full potential. I share my experiences in face-to-face or online meetings. I write book articles, create videos, seminars, trainings, courses and ceremonies in various topics of life.

My gift is support and trust in the natural part of a person, which is their soul and the qualities they bring in their life. In consultations, I point out by asking questions and guiding the person to go within and find the root cause, which at just the result of imbalances and limitations in that experience. Then together we correct the cause and the problem in question changes and so does the life of the person being guided.

A strength of my personality is my kind, sincere and calm approach to the person I accompany. Encounters happen through conversation and opening up about the problem.


  • Consultations, couching, therapies
  • Seminars, trainings, courses, debates
  • Webinars

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